Updates for September 2023

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Put my links to other cool websites into a PHP array and shuffled them, so each time you visit the cool websites page, they display in a different order. Also used this to put a random link to one of these websites on the homepage, plus added a new poll there as well. Also finally published my grimoire page, though it's still a work in progress.


A new project I've been working on, the Art Hive Studio, is now live! It's meant to provide resources for artists and will also be featuring artists and their work in "exhibitions" which take place every two months, the first submission period for that starts on October 1st. Also made a blog post about it.


Updated my goals page to reflect further progress and to update the ways to support me! Also added some new webgarden pots, added new quiz results to my about page, added directory buttons to the homepage, and added the bucket webring.


Realized my commission page linked to the wrong Google form, sorry about that, it should be fixed now! Also added some new site buttons and added a music page.


Updated my commission page, firstly to add Toyhouse HTML customs, and secondly to make my Terms of Service easier to get through and fix some issues with them (I originally borrowed someone else's template for their TOS that they shared online, and honestly while it is very comprehensive it was a pain to find and fix stuff that didn't apply to me and probably a pain to read too). Also updated my goals page to reflect the Nerdy Neko's kind donation to my Ko-fi! Added some new site buttons as well. Also added a link to my thoughts page.


Wrote two new blog posts: Autistic Adulthood, and Goals For the End of 2023!


Added a goals page for my current fundraising goal which also lists ways to support me. Added alt-text to all the stamps on the graphics page and added two new ones, including a ferret one made by me. It's wonky, but I'm proud of it still! Fixed up the guestbook a bit so JavaScript widgets display properly, or at least they should. Last but not least, made some minor layout improvements to the main pages and added a new logo for the site.


Wrote a new blog post! Trying out posting the blog stuff on bearblog instead of directly onto this website. Also added a new template! Also added new stamps.


Added new guestbook and a bookmarks page using code from Owl's Roost. Moved all resource links except my own over to the bookmarks page. Added light/dark mode based on browser preferences. Removed GoatCounter analytics, as I've decided I want to avoid the social media trap of getting too focused on my site views. Added a poetry page. Added some new site buttons. Added dropdowns for sections with lots of links. Edited headings so they hopefully don't look too weird on zoom. Edited manifesto a bit.


Added new poll. Started using PHP includes for some of the stuff I'd previously been using Eleventy to do. Overhauled theme. Changed some JavaScript functions to PHP functions. Added links to Spacehey account.


Added quiz results to about page. Added stick insects page (still a work in progress). Added memes to partner page. Added back graphics page.


Added pages on bisexuality and pansexuality (if you have ideas for things I should add to those pages, please let me know). Added new webgarden pots. Added new website buttons. Added Discord widget. Removed pagedoll and music box, as it felt a little cluttered.


New blog post. Edited site layout. Added accessibility page. Added new website links/buttons.


Edited site layout and new template, should hopefully work better on mobile now. Added new custom scrollbars. Resized pagedoll.


Added new resources, including a new section for LGBTQ+ resources. Added my first template, which is based on the current code this site uses. Added art page and art gallery, which currently contains some of my art from 2022-2023. Updated some colors in CSS to have better contrast. Added footer. Added Eleventy and Leprd.space to credits page. Added OpenDyslexic and Atkinson Hyperlegible to font selector. Added counter to partner page showing how long (approximately) we've been together, might be making calculations a little weirdly right now so I'll have to go edit that later. Added videos page (can't remember when I actually did this but I forgot to put it in an update apparently). I think that should be it for today?