Updates for October 2023

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Updated goals page to reflect current progress (now 4.1% of the way there!). Added to media log page as well with my thoughts on season two of Loki so far.


Updated goals page to reflect current progress. Added new photo of one of my stick insect nymphs to the stick insects page. Wrote a new blog post, My Language Learning Strategy. Added new buttons to the graphics page. Also removed Spotify embed from the partner page to save bandwidth.


Added a new sitemap. Added two new LGBTQ+ pages, one on transgender identity and one on butch/femme identity. Changed site poll. Added media log page to put my thoughts and opinions on various media I've enjoyed (or not enjoyed). Added new website buttons to the cool websites page, as well as a disclaimer that I may not agree with everything on these sites.


Added new art to the art page. Updated my partner page as well and also added an RSS feeds page.


Wrote a new blog post (mostly a rant if I'm being honest): On Accessibility, Mobile Responsiveness, and the Personal Web. Also fixed some issues with the CSS.


Restructured CSS files to optimize loading and make dark mode the default, also made some changes to optimize loading of JavaScript and image files. Added the Magical Ring. Added new guestbook which is hosted externally because hosting it here was a pain in the ass and I realized that IP addresses of everyone commenting being stored as-is in a plain text file was... probably not great for security. My attempts to implement hashing of the IP addresses ended up just breaking the guestbook, so I figure it's easier to host it externally.


Removed webgarden pots page and system page for now. Updated CSS a bit. Restructured some parts of the site to fix issues like heading levels not following a logical order, etc. Added new art. Edited phrasing on bisexuality page. Updated the projects page. Added the Transmasculine Ring. Removed guestbook for now as it was having issues.


Wrote a new blog post, Monthly Log October 2023. Added the Xenics of the Net webring.