Me / System

This is the page for information on our system. If you don't know what that is, check out this video by the Rings System on YouTube, which explains DID/OSDD-1 (we have DID).

We prefer parts language, though we don't mind the term "alters".

Some parts will set up pages for themselves with short bios, these will be more or less detailed depending on the part and how much time they've had to work on it.

Parts that feel comfortable listing themselves here:

  • Phoenix (he/they/xe/it), queer arospec nonbinary butch
  • Jupiter (she/it), butch agender aroace lesbian
  • Felix (she/him), transmasculine asexual
  • Emily (she/they/xe), fem nonbinary woman
  • Ash (he/him), butch agender asexual lesbian
  • Harrow (he/him), nonbinary asexual lesbian
  • Faolan (he/him), asexual straight transmasculine enby
  • Niko (it/he), femme transmasculine asexual
  • Eden (they/them), bigender aroace
  • Jupes (xe/they), aroace nonbinary lesbian
  • Percy (he/him), straight transgender man