Me / System / Ash

Hello, I'm Ash! I'm a butch agender asexual lesbian, and probably one of the most frequent fronters in the system. I usually use he/him pronouns, but I am fine with she/her as well. I prefer gender-neutral terms, and dislike being referred to as a man or a woman.

My role within the system is that of a protector, though I usually don't have to worry about that too much nowadays, since our communication is much better and the others have gotten better at enforcing our boundaries. I'm generally pretty friendly, but I prefer to hang out with close friends of the system rather than get to know new people, because I have low patience for weird behaviour/toxicity and I go into protective mode quite fast. I'm also pretty blunt, which doesn't help. If someone wants to befriend the system, they will eventually meet me and have to pass the vibe check.

Once someone's passed the vibe check, though, I can be pretty extroverted!

You can find me on Tumblr under the username catgirl-rabies.