Updates for January 2024

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New blog post. Added custom sorting to website buttons. Added an alter page for Felix. Updated fundraising goal progress.


Added pagination to blog. Updated how website buttons are handled in Eleventy (they're now part of a JSON array, I'm going to add some custom sorting to that later). Separated art into pages for each year.


Small updates to Eleventy setup and how redirects are being handled.


Now using Sass for handling CSS files for this site and minifying them before generating the final ones! Also updated goal progress and added some more social links to my about page.


Restructured sitemap page using the Eleventy navigation plugin, also moved blog posts from Bearblog over to here because keeping the blog feed updated is easier that way.


Added a page with resources for the free Palestine movement, as well as some graphics to my graphics page expressing solidarity with Palestine.


Added a new pay-what-you-want website template. Also added styleswitcher and bi pride stylesheet.


Added new art.


Added Neocreatives webring widget to links page.


Added some new art to the art page, added some individual alter pages to the system page, updated about page, updated partner page, and got the more text-heavy pages on the site working with reader mode. Made a new poll as well (in the Currently section of the sidebar), updated the uses page, and updated the index. Also updated the webrings and how they display (still gotta remember to contact the webring owners about the new URL).


Updated goal page and fiddled around with CSS a bit.


Added a uses page, redid the art page, and added art examples to the commissions page. Also added some images to the misclick family shrine and added a website carbon badge on the sidebar under stats!


Moved the site back over to Neocities, and am now using Eleventy again as my static site generator. Also added a now page, restructured the site a bit, and edited CSS. Added hit counter and last updated widget as well.