Updates for August 2023

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Moved website over to leprd.space and added redirects to Neocities pages. Moved webrings to sidebar. Added iMood. Updated webgarden pot and webgarden pots page.


Updated ACNH page, added site manifesto. Fixed mobile responsiveness (hopefully). Added music player.


Revamped site layout again because apparently adding so many tabs on the same page slowed it down a TON, and am now using the first layout for this site that I made entirely on my own (we're not counting the first one).


Fixed up some CSS, moved webrings to sidebar, edited sidebar, added fanlisting buttons, added some new site buttons.


Started using Eleventy (a static site generator) to edit site content and stitch things like sidebars, etc. together without needing to repeat the code over and over again in like 20 different files! In addition, this means my blog no longer needs to use (as much) JavaScript, and I've got a post up summarizing, to the best of my ability, how it works!


New site theme, and now I have an actual blog at last! My first post is a short one about web accessibility. Also, I've been adding a bunch of website buttons when I come across them, and I've added new pots to the webgarden. Let me know if you'd like to exchange buttons or webgarden pots! Also: removed the whole "this website is a WIP so if it looks unfinished that's why" bit from the homepage, I don't think it looks unfinished at this point! Cleaned up CSS code, added page regions to main page, added skip to main content link for screenreaders and mobile users (because otherwise this massive sidebar displays first and it's a bit long), added some missing alt text (will finish that up tomorrow), added form labels. Will add the page regions and skip to main content button on other pages tomorrow.


Haven't written out an update entry in a while but recently I've removed French translation of homepage (made code a little too messy, may add it back or add French pages at some point), added Mastodon feed, updated resources page, moved chatbox to its own page, added site navigation links to homepage so you no longer need the directory to get around, moved site buttons and buttons in general to their own pages, and added Tamanotchi to pets section.


Added buttons to stop and start GIFs to homepage. Added status.cafe feed reader. Added new site buttons.