Updates for July 2023

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Added new buttons, added "ads" for Neocities websites and other personal websites, added information on how to disable GIFs autoplaying in your browser at the top of the homepage. Added new site button. Added working French translation to the homepage.


Added blinkies and hexagon stamps to graphics page. Added disclaimer about the importance of crediting artists there, too. Removed status.cafe widget. Worked very hard on optimizing the site so it would load faster. Worked on page for my partner, now it not only holds her links but it's also got a little thing about how we met, a Spotify playlist I made for her, and its own colour theme and graphics (which can be clicked on to view their source)!


Revamped site theme based on a template from Eggramen (site is now mobile friendly, or at least, it should be, and contrast of text against the background should now meet WCAG AAA standards). Added directory and graphics pages. Made pride cursor bi pride-themed.


Added projects page. Added new stamps. Added guestbook.


I've been busy today! Added music playlist using links to YouTube videos with SCM Music Player. Added more resource links. Added viewcounter using GoatTracker. Added commissions page. Added page with my partner's social links. Added more digital pets.


Added link to my Neocities profile in the left sidebar so it's easier to follow me on there.


Added pride flags to about page, set up art page for July 2023, uploaded new art.


Added new resource links, updated Dragcave buttons. Added status embed.


Added a Twitch embed so you can watch my channel right from this website, on its own page titled "Stream".