Updates for June 2023

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Added buttons linking to my dragon eggs on Dragcave. Edited chatbox settings.


Added new blog post. Added more site buttons.


Added ACNH page, which is still very much bare-bones. Adjusted CSS. Added more cool site links. Updated site button.


Added buttons for some other cool websites! Starting work on implementing a nature theme.


Added fandoms page and resources page, added links to other pages as well but not the pages themselves (yet). Added alt text to every image on the website.


Added scrollbox for updates. Added button for people to link to this site if they'd like. Updated my image sources so I'm no longer hotlinking to other sites because I'm a noob and didn't know that was bad, sorry about that!


Implemented font selector. Removed marquee with stamps for accessibility purposes. Fiddled around with CSS.


Added Ko-Fi widget, finished adding all of my art from June 2023, created update section, adjusted chatbox size.