Site / Accessibility


  • Should be fully responsive
  • Font size is responsive, so you can adjust it in your browser settings
  • GIFs do not play by default, you have to toggle them on, and you can easily toggle them back off again (this uses JavaScript)
  • No autoplaying audio or video
  • All images, except some within webring widgets and those that are purely decorative, have alt text
  • Focus states are enabled
  • Colors on every page pass contrast checks
  • You can change the font the website uses, both OpenDyslexic and Atkinson Hyperlegible are available (this requires JavaScript)
  • Semantic HTML (page regions) are used to improve screen reader accessibility
  • You should be able to navigate the site with just a keyboard
  • Sections containing lots of links, when not important to the purpose of the page, are hidden under dropdowns so keyboard navigation is less of a pain
  • Dark mode based on browser settings
  • 200% zoom friendly
  • Reader mode should work on any pages with more than a certain amount of text
  • Styleswitcher is available (uses JavaScript)

To Do

  • Add more stylesheets for styleswitcher