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This is my little web shrine dedicated to Juanaflippa from the QSMP and her family. Will also include Codeflippa because I am unreasonably attached to her and she can do no wrong in my eyes, and also Gegg because I love him and he forever lives on in my heart.

Quick note: when I talk about Slimecicle or ElMariana, I am talking about the characters they play, not the content creators themselves. I also do not speak Spanish and have not watched Mariana's streams, so I may be unaware of lore that occurred on his stream. This shrine contains spoilers.

Who are the "misclick family"? And what's the QSMP?

The QSMP is a lore-based Minecraft server, similar to the Dream SMP if you've ever heard of that, except it's modded, multilingual (there's a live translate mod on the server), and it's run by Quackity instead of Dream.

In April, the egg event started, which was where creators from both of the languages on the SMP at the time (English and Spanish) were paired up and given a task to take care of an egg from a dragon that had supposedly left the island (QSMP takes place on an island called Quesadilla Island, for the most part, and the Island is managed by a strange entity called the Federation). These eggs are played by admins, who communicate by placing down signs rather than speaking. In order to keep the eggs alive and happy, tasks needed to be done regularly - stuff like "give the baby your favorite food" and "sing the baby a lullaby".

Juanaflippa was one of these eggs, assigned to Slimecicle and ElMariana. They seemed to instantly take this as a challenge to become the most dysfunctional Minecraft family possible. Arguments about divorce even took place, but eventually, it seemed things were getting better, and Slimecicle was getting better at parenting.

Slimecicle Juanaflippa ElMariana

Then, one fateful day, Mariana misclicked on Juanaflippa's egg bed (they place down beds to represent the eggs when they're not online), killing her.

Slimecicle (who had, uh, placed a baby monitor on Mariana while they did the deed the day before - that's right, they roleplayed gay Minecraft sex, and they've done this multiple times again since and it's the bane of my existence) learned of this the next day and went on a rampage trying to kill the other eggs in the hopes that if other parents lost their eggs too, the admins would have to reset the egg event. Luckily, even though Slimecicle has canonically committed child murder on the QSMP twice before this, he's actually quite bad at it and the other parents were already suspicious of him. He got himself blown up, shot at, and tased (mostly by the eggs he was trying to kill) multiple times before finally the others managed to calm him down. It was suggested that a trial could be held to bring Juanaflippa back, and Slimecicle immediately convinced multiple people (Quackity, Foolish, JaidenAnimations, BadBoyHalo, Tilin who was Quackity's egg daughter, and FitMC) to be his lawyers.

ElMariana was represented at the trial by Roier, a fellow Spanish speaker. Finally, the court decides to briefly imprison both Slimecicle and Mariana for 10 minutes and bring back Juanaflippa (though they broke out of jail early), and the two made up.

In Slimecicle's very next stream, he accidentally killed Tilin, who he was taking care of (Quackity was a neglectful parent and Tilin was Juanaflippa's best friend), due to a sweeping edge bug on the server which was only identified as a bug much later during the elections arc. He put himself in self-imposed exile (or "eggxile") due to this, promising Juanaflippa that he wouldn't return until he had made it right and found a way to revive Tilin. Juanaflippa was left in the care of Mariana, who accidentally killed her the very next day due to the same sweeping edge bug. This was her final death.

Juanaflippa and Tilin before their deaths
Juanaflippa and Tilin before their deaths

Slimecicle was shown the footage of Juanaflippa's death during his journey by Cucurucho, also known as the QSMP Census Bureau (a strange entity working for the Federation). When he finally got to his destination, he summoned Little Jesus (him and Satan are characters played by another content creator on the QSMP called elrubius, they seem to both have great power though it's not clear what their motives are) and asked him to revive Juanaflippa and Tilin. Little Jesus said he'd look into it, it seems the answer was no in the end as neither egg was ever revived.

More will be added to this shrine in future.