Me / Uses

Here you can find various software, tools, and resources I use!

Website development


Other stuff

  • Notion and Obsidian for organization and note-taking
  • Busuu and Clozemaster for language learning (initially used Duolingo, but now they're replacing some of their workers with AI so I don't trust the quality of their courses anymore)
  • Mauril for learning Canadian French
  • Tusaalanga for learning Inuktut
  • Learn Mi'gmaq and Mi'gmaq Online Talking Dictionary for learning Mi'gmaq
  • Ko-fi and Liberapay for taking donations (and on Ko-fi, offering PWYW downloads in my shop and handling coding custom commissions)
  • Herbco for buying my partner tea when she least expects it (mainly putting this here because I keep forgetting the site)
  • DIS-SOS for useful coping skills for DID/CPTSD
  • Lighthouse for journalling with DID