Me / Now

This page fills you in on what's currently going on in my life, sort of like what I'd tell a friend I hadn't seen in a year to get them up to speed on what's been happening.


  • Tears of the Kingdom
  • Paleo Pines
  • Cozy Grove
  • Cult of the Lamb


  • Resident Alien

Working on:

  • Finding a job that I can actually do
  • Improving my French and Portuguese
  • Improving my art skills
  • Improving my writing (most of which I won't share here, sadly)
  • Getting ready for Art Fight 2024
  • Getting ready for season 4 of the WebSMP

To-do list for this site:

  • Finish the misclick family shrine
  • Add more themes to the styleswitcher

Goal progress

$299 CAD / $1345 CAD, or 22.2%. You can learn more about this on my goals page.

Latest status update

Current fronter(s)

You can find out more on our system page.

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