Me / Goals

This page is for my current goals (often financial) and how you can support me in achieving them if you'd like.

Currently, I need to pay off debt I took on because student loans did not give me enough funding to cover my last semester and I had to get a private loan to afford it. As of May 28th, 2024, I still have $1345 CAD in debt from this to pay off.

I am disabled, so unfortunately it is very difficult to find a job that is an okay fit for me.

Current progress: $299 CAD out of $1345 CAD, or 22.2%.

Ways to support me that require money

Please do not donate if you are struggling with money yourself! I've listed ways to help support me below that don't require money as well, go look at those instead.

  • Donate to me on Ko-fi
  • Donate to me through PayPal
  • Donate to me on a weekly basis on Liberapay
  • Tip me on my Neocities profile
  • Order a commission, I do coding customs for Toyhouse as well as furry art (I can also draw humans)
  • Buy something from my Ko-fi shop, which has pay-what-you-want Toyhouse HTML layouts and website templates
  • If my UFO/OTA folder on Toyhouse has characters up for offer, you can offer to buy them (favoriting and commenting on them also helps their visibility)

Ways to support me that do not require money

These ways may unfortunately require social media. Being an artist/creative online these days is hard.

If I manage to save up more than I need for this goal, the rest will go towards monthly bills, saving up for wisdom teeth removal, and saving up to go visit my long-distance partner.