Creations / Music

Here you can find some musicians I think deserve more support! I also have a playlist on Spotify with songs from many of these artists. I recommend buying their music on Bandcamp if you can, since that helps to financially support them!

  • Quinn Hills - you might know Quinn Hills as being the sister of Joe Hills (a member of Hermitcraft), she is a transgender woman who makes music and also offers song commissions! Her debut single, "A PRAYER FOR NOBODY", "channels Quinn’s feelings of helplessness and rage in the face of abuse through a devilish mixture of hypnotic drum beats, wailing vocals, bombastic guitar, and parochial organ. Quinn affectionately calls this track 'danceable trauma.'" It's a really good song. Quinn is also just a really cool person in general. My partner and I spent Valentine's Day in 2023 watching one of her Twitch streams where she did a "concert" of sorts and it was very neat! You can also find Quinn on Bandcamp.
  • Hiyimi - a UK-based independent composer and producer who mainly produces electronic pop and EDM-inspired tracks using synthesized vocals! I recommend their songs "Here's To Us", "Go Ahead, Replace Me", "Let Me Know", and "This Is My Town" (which there is also an acoustic version of). Hiyimi is also a member of a Minecraft lore-based SMP that my partner is on, called the WebSMP! You can also find them on Bandcamp.
  • Shrinebird - I'm honestly not sure how to describe Shrinebird's music, the Bandcamp tags seem to usually be ambient, alternative, lo-fi, and hip-hop so there's that. I really recommend "Webcam (I Am Buried Under The Fibre Optics)"! You can also find Shrinebird on Bandcamp. It also created and runs the WebSMP!