Goals For the End of 2023

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Sep 24, 2023 | About 2 min reading time

I tend to be the sort of person who loses track of my goals pretty quickly (hello, ADHD and DID!), so I thought it would be neat to make a sort of blog post outlining goals I want to start working towards by the end of 2023. Not necessarily accomplishing them all, but making some progress at least.

Here they are below!

  • Making more code templates for both Neocities/other indie web hosts and for Toyhouse profiles.
  • Finishing up the grimoire page on my website, or at least having it presentable enough to share.
  • Finishing up the first episode of my interactive fiction novel, so that I actually can have a demo available on Itch.io.
  • Doing art more regularly.
  • Getting back into Twitch streaming! I miss this a lot, actually.
  • Beginning to offer coding commissions on Toyhouse and Neocities (I legitimately have no idea how to price these, otherwise I would have made these available by now).
  • Making some YouTube videos and tutorials on coding itself (I'd like to make a series on Neocities/similar web hosts and the web revival movement in general).
  • This one's a long shot, but getting a job I actually like and that doesn't give me burnout.
  • Also a long shot, but being able to finally go visit my partner of over three years in person would be nice too. Sadly I have to be a responsible adult and save up for things like paying off my debt and getting my wisdom teeth removed first. I hate being responsible.
  • Working on my language learning goals in general! Currently I'm decent in French, okay-ish in Brazilian Portuguese, and working on learning the very basics of Russian, so I want to make sure I'm keeping up with that.
  • Finishing the website template I've been working on for my partner because I want her to join Neocities so bad.

We'll see if I end up removing some of these later. I have a tendency to set way too many goals for myself initially, then get surprised when I either burn myself out or fail to achieve any of them. Planning is not my strong suit.

I am hoping, though, that sharing these publicly both gives me feedback on how attainable they actually are and gives me more motivation to actually achieve the ones that are attainable.