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Nov 9, 2023 | About 3 min reading time


This post was written a month after the events of October 7th. It does not reflect my current views. I learned much more about the history of Palestine and Israel after writing this, including the killing of Rachel Corrie, the fact that the Palestinian death toll is at well over thirty thousand (the vast majority civilians, and the majority of those civilians being women and children), the fact that illegal Israeli settlements are still being built in the West Bank, the fact that Hamas was going to hold their first elections with the Palestinian Authority which would've likely resulted in Hamas losing and the West Bank and Gaza once again being united but Israel vetoed it and immediately after Hamas started planning October 7th, the fact that Palestinians living in Israel have been yelled at by Israelis for so much as voicing concern over the disproportionate punishment of Palestinians, and the fact that Zionists seem to be fine with Israel killing civilians and not even trying to save the fucking hostages, meanwhile Hamas has repeatedly offered to let the hostages go and has only been met with more violence.

Media coverage, meanwhile, turns a blind eye to Israel's crimes, and the US has even denounced the ICC for announcing they'd be looking into arrest warrants for Israeli leaders (important to note they also are looking into arrest warrants for Hamas, and even the Gaza media office - controlled by Hamas - at least acknowledged that they were grateful the ICC was taking Israeli crimes seriously, while the US and Israel have mentioned nothing about the arrest warrants for Hamas. This isn't about holding Hamas accountable, it's about genocide). Israel also bombed an Iranian embassy in Syria (which it also illegally occupies part of, by the way) unprovoked and then played the victim when Iran (legally, under international law) retaliated (and their retaliation was constrained and small). So now Iran is under more sanctions from the US, which make it incredibly hard for the population to afford to live. Some Iranians can't even afford medical care.

At the time of updating this (2024-05-28), Israel, after told to stop its invasion of Rafah (the only place for Gazans to evacuate), immediately bombed refugee camps in Rafah. Footage shows people, families, children, burnt and even decapitated. Israel attacked at night, so people had to search for their family members' body parts with their phone flashlights.

The original post I made here is, in short, a shitty post and one I should have never made. It is not my place to sit comfortably an ocean away in a country that is not at war and lecture Palestinians about how they should fight for their freedom. Hamas's actions may have been a violation of international law, but Israel's actions amount to genocide and apartheid under international law and are ultimately the root cause of this mess. Hamas is, at most, a symptom of the problem, not the cause.

I have removed the original post for these reasons, as I do not want to contribute to the spread of "both sides" rhetoric. If you can, please check out the following links and help in whatever ways you can. Free Palestine, and land back everywhere.

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  • el-shab-hussein's Vetted Fundraiser Masterpost on Tumblr - vetted masterposts of fundraisers for Gazan families, some for Sudanese families also listed (as Sudan is also going through a genocide), if you can't donate reblogging still helps
  • Click daily to help Palestine - this site lets you click daily to raise money for Palestine (generated by ad revenue), it is trustworthy and also has similar pages for other issues in the Arab world